House, Business and Personal Space Clearings

PayPal Me Everything is energy. Every thought, emotion, action, being has an energy field and vibration. Every item has a vibration. Higher vibrational thoughts, emotions, actions, and items add lifeforce to a space while lower vibrational thoughts, emotions, actions, and items decrease the lifeforce of the space eventually creating energetic leaks in the energy field allowing lower vibrational entities or being into the space. These lower vibrational beings and entities feed off negative emotional energy of fear, anger, frustration, drama, pain, and suffering.  This energy is called loosh energy. Often, these lower vibrational entities and beings are creating more drama in a space by influencing the beliefs, thoughts, and emotions of those living or working in the space. Spaces with traumatic events often have residual vibrations of the trauma allowing this leak as well. Traumatic events create portals, disrupt the lei lines (energy meridians) of the earth and create toxic streams that also impact the energy of the home or property.

Shannon is trained by the late Serge “Running Wolf” Martel to clear the energy in the space and restoring it to higher love and light vibrations. Shannon is trained by the late Joel Seigneur in clearing spaces energetically through five-element Taoist theory. Using a unique combination of sacred symbols, Reiki, sound, intention and powerful ability to intuitively understand the energy of the space and communicate with these energies, Shannon is able to help restore the energy of the space to its 100% pure love and light vibration. Shannon may or may not use incense, sage or palo santo to clear a space. Energy follows intention.

On location clearings are $500.
Distance clearings are $300. 

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