"Shannon is a seasnoned professional who gives 110% to every client and in her every session. Her technical knowledge coupled with the clarity of her intuitive gifts make her a therapist for life. Shannon’s work absolutuely brings about truly profound healing and positive life changes."

Maria R. Sulli

Instructor at SWIHA and ASU

"Shannon has been reading for me for the last few years. I have been extremely impressed and amazed with her accuracy. Her guidance is very uplifting and motivating. I feel very much at peace after speaking with her. Shannon is a gifted and compassionate person. I will continue to seek her guidance and would recommend her without hesitation."


"When I think of Shannon, a few words come to mind; Gentle Spirit, Healer, Very Present and Profound Teacher. I have searched for the past 30 years for someone like Shannon to help guide me on my spiritual path. She is incredibly blessed with a wide variety of knowledge as a spiritual healer and a teacher. She has also helped many of my friends and family. I look forward to her continued guidance."

Mia Pierson

Phoenix AZ

"I had the down right coolest reading from Shannon ever. She channeled someone very dear to me and gave me lots of insight. My favorite part was the help I was given about a fractured tooth I had which concerned me; it took care of itself like she said it would! We were also in a difficult transition and looking for a place to live and her channeling of the beautiful place we would end up in was completely accurate."

We love you Shannon! (^_^)


Tempe, AZ

"Upon meeting Shannon, I quickly discovered that she has been blessed with a spiritual gift which allows her to reach out and help people who are struggling with grief or other life challenges. After losing my granddaughter, I was experiencing sadness beyond imagination and was losing myself in the process. Shannon helped me to, not only regain my life, but to move toward embracing life beyond what I imagined possible. I will be eternally grateful for her willingness to share her most amazing gift with me."

Mia Pierson

Phoenix AZ

"Shannon is beyond gifted! She is incredibly intuitive, very passionate about her gifts and has a big heart for using those gifts for good to help others. I highly recommend her and I am so thankful to be able to not only be one of her clients, but also one of her friends. When my sister died 2 years ago, Shannon was very helpful with the healing process by conducting an angel reading for my sisters and I with her. It was amazing and I still get chills (confirmation of truth as Shannon says) when I think about it. I am very thankful that I met Shannon and that she was able to help our family heal during a tragic time."


Phoenix AZ

"Shannon has a kind and gentle soul and she is so very warm and caring. Over the years she has given me great insights about myself and my family. She has helped me to understand things about my past and has provided me with guidance for the future. I am so glad to have found her as she has made many positive impacts in my life and has helped me to grow as a person both emotionally and spiritually. I always feel a sense of peace after seeing her. I very highly recommend her services."

Rebecca C

Phoenix, AZ

"Shannon’s guidance has helped me cultivate a more concrete relationship with my guides and angels and her insights are always accurate and invaluable. I feel much more in connection with my own intuition. Shannon is the real deal"


Tempe, AZ

"Shannon is a wonderfully gifted practitioner. She is professional and knowledgeable. She showed me an everlasting and endearing love my husband and I have shared through many lifetimes. She helped me resolve conflicts with my daughter by helping me understand our patterns in tension point lifetimes. Shannon gave me a connection full of love and acceptance to my family that has gone before me. I am continually amazed and delighted with her ability to bring up the lifetime relevant to the issue I am asking about."



"Shannon Horton is a wonderful teacher and psychic. Shannon gave me a reading on my Dad after he passed away in July 2013. I was especially impressed when she mentioned that my Dad kept telling her about coins. I didn’t understand what that meant, but when I began finding coins several days later, I just felt in my heart that they were from my Dad and that is what he was telling Shannon. That was two years ago, and I am still finding coins! I also took a ‘past lives’ class with Shannon and it was amazing. I learned so much and Shannon has a way of delivering the information that makes it fun, interesting and inspiring."


Tempe, AZ

"I was at an all-women event back in February 2004 where I met Shannon. I sat down with her and we went over many things. I thought she was crazy for some of the things she told me. I immediately went home and wrote everything down. My big concern at the time was my career. Within a few weeks Shannon’s prediction came true!!! I have been consistently seeing her over the years and she has continued to guide me.

In 2007 I went thru a very stressful time so I went to Shannon for cranial-sacral manipulation. She helped unblock energy that was stuck due to my stress. She also helped me with techniques to work through the difficult time I was experiencing. Shannon is professional, knowledgable and thorough. Don’t miss out on a very special experience!"

MaryGrace Wargo

Scottsdale, AZ

"I went to Shannon to find out if I was going to find a house to buy, we were being pushed out of the house that we had been in for 32 yrs. I was scared and worried, had no money, to buy this house.

She told me, that my grandmother, said not to worry about money, or the house, to quit worrying. But I was worried sick with worry, In two days I was stopped by two police officers something to do with they thought I was a different truck they were looking for. But every time the officers told me don’t worry, and one of them walked back to me, with this dumb look on his face and said don’t worry.

She also told me not to worry about money, and the area, that I would find the house. She said my house wasn’t ready for me. Well the day I found the house it had just went on the market, they were remold ling it. The money came threw with VA. And all the other money that I didn’t ask for, came from my family. We have a great home. She had also told me who would be working on my loan, a woman, and it was, it started out with this guy, but this woman took over the loan. She was right on the time period, everything. I was just shocked, listening to the reading that I had recorded. Shannon was spot on….. Her insight was so welcoming and needed, Thank you Shannon

And may your guides always be with you"


Tempe, AZ

"I was in the grief process after my husband of 28 years lost his 3 year battle with lung cancer, when I met Shannon at a ‘Past Life’ seminar. Her reading changed my life and helped me move on from grieving to acceptance. Shannon gave me information from my husband, mother, and father which expressed each of their personalities and shared things that I would only know as verification. It was a positive and life changing experience. I was able to embrace a 70 year frog phobia, accepting fear and moving on. With Shannon’s help I have been able to live life daily with joy and happiness. I have a love for others and myself. Thank you, Shannon! The expression is true, you are never to old to learn."

J. L. Nebel


"My question to Shannon is, where did you get that spot on answer from? She has been the most accurate reading I have had. All I can say is give her a try!"

And may your guides always be with you"


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