Life Coaching from Beyond

"Nurturing the soul one therapy at a time"

My passion is helping others find peace. I love to inspire others thru wisdom, experience, training and intuitive gifts to live a fulfilled and a healthy life!

“Life Coaching from Beyond” sessions

Shannon uses her skills as a gifted intuitive and medium along with her holistic education to help those who:

Prices Effective Feb. 1, 2022

(Pre-payment for the session is necessary to secure your appointment. Please see my terms and conditions below.)


New Service!

Custom “MANIFEST YOUR FLOW” Meditations

(Pre-payment for the service is necessary)

Shannon will record a custom 6 to 7 minute meditation designed to get you into the vibrational feeling space to create your goal or desire. The recording includes 15 to 30 minute discussion of what your goal and desire is. Shannon will script and record a meditation to get you into the feeling of having your goal or desire right now activating the law of attraction powerfully in your own life. The mediation will be sent by email as a digital download as an Mp3 audio file.

Science has proven that human emotion is the most powerful creator of our reality. Learning to hone this skill of emotionally feeling your desires/goals in your life now is essential in manifesting your goals and desires into reality. The custom recording targets through “feeling” your goal/desire with all of your senses to powerfully activate the “force” to bring your goal/desire to you.


Monthly Subscriptions

I will now be offering monthly “subscription” services for Intuitive Spiritual & Wellness coaching sessions at a substantial savings for those willing to commit to readings monthly for a minimum of three months. These are the new subscription rates based off my new rates coming in May.

Spiritual Inspirations with Shannon Monthly Call

Join in on an inspiring and insightful monthly group call where Shannon is imparting spiritual guidance and inspiration for an hour. Each participant receives a recording of the session afterwards. Registration is required. Each participant will receive an invite and pin code to call in once payment and a valid email are received. Registration closes 1 hour before the call.

Next Call Tuesday Aug. 16, 2018 5PM-6PM AZ Time “Focusing on the Blessings”

Intuitive Coaching Intensive Session $1250

Intensives with Shannon are 3 hour working sessions (Plus 1 hour for lunch) zoning in on a specific issue or challenge using intuitive coaching and guidance to create a custom plan of action with tools that target the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical practice to achieve the goals created. These tools are the homework to achieve the desired results.

Intensives are designed for maximum impact and movement forward. These intensives are held at a local upscale resort room including an elegant catered healthy meal and snacks. This environment creates a safe, luxurious space to create a magical space of healing and movement through the blocks and challenges in your life.

Monthly Subscription Terms and Conditions:

By signing up for the monthly subscription plan you agree to all terms and conditions.

This is for individual Intuitive Spiritual and Wellness Coaching Sessions with Shannon Horton. This not for Happiness Matters, LLC Corporate Happiness and Wellness Workshops.

Minimum 3 month subscription commitment. You can cancel anytime after the three months in writing to If you want to re-join, you can at the minimum three month commitment through the PayPal button and then cancel anytime after. If you cancel and your monthly session for that month was not used, your money will be refunded. If the session was used for that month, the following month will not be billed. Remember, not being on the subscription service means you will be charged the normal rates of $200/hour, $95/half-hour.

Sessions are non-transferable. Has to be used by the subscriber. This subscription excludes group sessions and event sessions. Those are at the normal hourly rates or agreed upon rate. Gift certificates are at the normal rates as well.

Sessions have to be scheduled and used within the same month billed or the session is lost. Example: You cannot use a subscription session paid for in June in July.

Please plan in advanced and schedule your appointment early. I need at least 24 hours notice and rarely schedule same day sessions since my day is probably already scheduled. Don’t wait until the last day of the month to get your session in and scheduled. I will not be able to accommodate your request and your session will be lost for the month. If you already used your subscription session for the month and desire another session, that session is at the normal $150/hr, $75/half-hour rate.

To use the service, you have to register with my PayPal Subscription button and enter your payment information. You agree to these terms when you register. No checks or cash will be accepted unless the three months are paid in advanced and specific arrangements are made with me.

These terms and conditions can change at anytime.

Additional important policies, terms and conditions:

I am available for Intuitive Spiritual Coaching sessions over the phone, Skype and in person. I have the ability to record the sessions over Skype and in person. This file is an mp3 file and emailed to you. At this time, I don’t have the ability to record phone sessions unless I call you from my Skype to your phone.

I do travel within reason to local clients homes for individual, group and party sessions. I work on 30 minute and one hour appointments.

These prices are subject to change. Please continue to check my website for any price changes.

Payment for readings in person is due at the time of the reading. Payment for phone or Skype readings is due in advance. If you would like a phone reading then you will have to pay by Pay pal. Pay pal has the ability to process checks and credit cards. With checks the session will be scheduled after the online check has cleared. Please email me your name, phone number and how long of a session you would like. Please include your form of payment so I can make sure I received your payment through pay pal. Once I receive your payment I will call you and schedule an appointment. I will also send an email if I cannot reach you. The day before your scheduled reading I will call to confirm your appointment.


Please, please call me at least 48 hours in advanced if you have to cancel and reschedule. This is my job and like you would with any other appointment please advise me of your situation. If you do not call to cancel 48 hours in advance, I charge a $50 cancellation fee if cancelled under the required 48 hours before the session. However, if you cancel same day as the session, the full rate of the session is due.

Policy on Phone calls: I will only answer questions about fees, policies, about me, and scheduling appointments. Please be mindful of this policy outside of actual readings.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee information channeled. The reason is that you create your reality through choices you make daily. You can choose to follow the wisdom given to you or not. Realize, you, through your thoughts, beliefs, actions and words you create what is in your life at that moment. Through positive intentions and awareness you can create the guidance given to you. It is your choice. You are the only one responsible for your life. I am merely an “Angel” on your path to help you transform and create the reality you choose. The information I give is channeled from the spirit realm to help you. I do not perform spells, nor do I do readings on other people that are none of your business. It is against universal law to ask questions that do not pertain to you that are about others.

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