Wisdom on Judgment

A Little Wisdom on Judgment:

Judgment comes from experiences where we develop beliefs, perceptions and attitudes toward people, places, things and situations.  Our behavior responds to these judgments.  However, judgment can limit us from being accepting of ourselves and others.  It can limit us from experiencing great opportunity in our lives because a part of us is fearful.  Remember, judgment is a direct reflection of ourselves and how an aspect of us feels about us.  The more we come from discernment and openness, the more we have the opportunity in all areas of our lives to thrive and be joyful.  Try stepping back at work and personally and say “Isn’t this interesting” instead of a judgment and be open to see the blessing and direction you are guided to go.

When people do extreme behavior, their needs are not being met or they are not feeling safe and secure.  In this say “Why would a reasonable, rational and innately good person do this?” Then think of reasons they may not be feeling safe, secure or their needs being met.  It brings compassion and reminds us we are all here and all the same trying to find our way with joy and peace to thrive in the great life! We are all innately good and beautiful!  The Human ego just gets in the way or the best of us sometimes.

Thank you!

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