Update: Can Qi Gong Reverse Aging?


I am very aware of the power of ancient practices of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and even Yoga that produce powerful physical, mental and emotional healing results in individuals all over the world. When I heard about telomeres and their influence on the aging process, I was very intrigued. When I heard about Teloyears and now you can test your own telomeres with an at home collection kit, I thought, wow, I can see how well Qi Gong affects aging and came up with a little experiment “Can practicing Qi Gong Reverse Aging?”.

Here is what I did:

I ordered the kit from Teloyears.

Now it involves a finger stick like those who test their blood sugar. If you have sensitive fingers, be prepared that it may hurt a little.

Also, keep in mind that if you live in warmer states such as Arizona, Texas and California that the extreme heat at times can affect the blood sample you send. This happened to me twice, so I waited until Winter in Arizona to send my sample, plus, I was avoiding the finger stick. =)

I took and mailed my blood sample January 7, 2019. I just received my results within the last week January 24, 2019.

My results: I am 45 years old and almost 46 in March. My age according to my telomeres is 33 years old and my telomeres are longer than 98% of women my age. Again, please read my first post Can Qi Gong Reverse Aging? That my results may not be normal for most since I live an extremely healthy lifestyle in diet, mindset and physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The experiement has started. February 1, 2019, I am practicing with at least 5 minutes to 30 minutes a day of Qi Gong breathwork and movement. I then will re-take the test in 6 months (Aug. 2019) to compare my results. Nothing else is changing, just the practice of Qi Gong daily into my life.

Order today here:

TeloYears and Advanced Ancestry Test


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