Thought for the Day April 30, 2020

Even though I have witnessed much kindness and have participated in spreading much kindness during this time, I have also been witnessing just as much unconscious, unhealthy behavior which astonishes me since community is the very glue that holds us together and deep social connection is the path to happiness.  It seems that this “isolation” plan is dividing many to dislike, hate, judge and even report others for their right to sovereignty, freedom of thought, even speech. When you divide a people with fear and hate, you can control them. Hasn’t the world learned from WWII Germany? Look around what is happening now. It is exactly what they did then, it’s just these “Cabal” people have had time to observe, practice and implement a greater strategy of mind control, fear, panic and influence through mainstream media and individuals with higher education credentials to spread this unloving agenda.

Here is my list to surviving and spreading love versus fear, hate and judgment of others:

Love is the path that leads to fulfillment and happiness. Choose the high road of love always.

Have fun and see how much kindness you can spread daily.

Remember, to be good stewards toward others and the other earthly beings here, including animals and insects.

Be the conscious awareness that each individual co-exists in this earthly arena with others.

Be mindful how you can be courteous toward others, help lines move faster at the stores, gas stations and banks. Be efficient in life. Time is the non-renewable resource and others appreciate their time being respected.

Share your healthy wisdom, knowledge, and abundance with others.

Keep rude comments and energy to yourself.  Energy travels. People can feel this energy, whether they tell you or not. Be kind and think beyond your ‘story’ of others, as it probably is incorrect.

Respectfully, with love and with humor, address rude, unhealthy, and unconscious behavior.

Co-dependence is not love, it’s a dance of fear, insecurity, obligation and manipulation. Everyone is capable of being responsible for themselves.  See others capable, happy, healthy and fulfilled and that consciousness will be received by them.

Fill yourself up first with self-care and kindness.  Self-love is important so you can help keep the world love tank full.

There is a difference between “centered in self” and self-centered. One is healthy self-respect and the other is destructive toward others.

Blessings to you and your love ones. I see a world full of love and peace! Send love to the world for 3 minutes daily and miracles happen.



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