Shannon Offering Brand New Class: The World of Entities: Understanding, Invoking protection and Clearing entity attachments and energies


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The World of Entities Understanding, Invoking protection and Clearing entity attachments and energies

Zoom Class

6 Saturdays: Dec. 26th-Jan 23rd and Final class February 6th. 12PM-130PM AZ MST

6 Q & A: Wednesdays Dec. 30-Jan. 27th. Final Q & A Feb. 10th 3PM-4PM AZ MST

All participants will receive a recording of the Q & A and Class weekly sent by We Transfer to be downloaded. Each participant will receive my clearing prayer in PDF format.

Within the course, participants will learn:
-About the human energy field and how entities can attach themselves to the various levels of the energy field
-Common Symptoms of entity attachments and including psychic attack
-Sensing Entity Attachments- Developing and Strengthening Intuitive Gifts to Sense Entity Attachments
-Tools to Balance and Restore the Human Energy Field
-Understanding other dimensional beings and entities
-Powerful Clearing Tools and Techniques

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It is common with trauma and stressful life events that our energy fields are vulnerable to entity attachments. Addiction is another common area where this happens. Various environments also have entity influences. Often, those with entity attachments are unaware they have entity attachments. It is important understanding these ‘mostly’ invisible influences for greater health, well-being and achievement in life. These energies can affect an individual’s health, thoughts, emotions and behaviors as people are unaware that they are picking up the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others, including entity attachments. My experience studying under the late Runningwolf Serge Martel and my holistic training at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2002 started my journey in understanding entity attachments and how to release them. In addition to my Happiness Coaching, Spiritual and Channeling services, I have been clearing and removing entities since 2002 building upon my knowledge and experience.

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