Shannon has added a new service!

Shannon has now added a new service for those who are artists and musicians. She is a Personal and Business Coach for the Artist and Musician. Look under Services for more information!  This is different than her Spiritual Guidance and Medium work.

Are you an artist, a musician or work in the art and music world?  Do you have big dreams for your talent and need a little help to focus those dreams into reality? Do you have noticeable patterns and beliefs that sabotage your efforts?

Learn to tap into your intuition and hear what your heart really wants to gain focus and drive to manifest your dreams into reality!  Allow your inner voice to guide you to fulfilling your dreams.  Gain insight and wisdom to defeat sabotaging behaviors.  Gain confidence and determination.

Shannon can help you realize your potential and what is hindering you from manifesting your dream career.  Through coaching skills, affirmations, intuitive insight and other tools, Shannon can help you move past the past and into the present to create your fulfilling future. She will help you to hear what your inner voice is saying to take ahold of the proper opportunities in your life and even work to manifest those opportunities into reality.

Shannon is an artist, dancer and musician.  She enjoys the artistic and musical world so much she wants to help other artists and musicians to find their path and share their talents with the world. Get real with yourself and start living your dream!

Coaching sessions are in packages of 30 minute sessions.  These are different than her intuitive spiritual coaching and medium sessions. Schedule your first three sessions today!

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