Happy Spring

Happy Spring!

Spring is about rebirth. Flowers come alive with color and blooms. There is freshness in the air.  Happiness, joy and celebration are a focus in rebirth. 

A rebirth always follows an end or death. This rebirth is a promise filled with opportunity and blessings if you should choose to see it through love.  Be brave and start your new beginnings!  Follow your heart and do what you always wanted to do. Learn to leap without fear.

Choices made should give a feeling of peace.  Fear is: False evidence appearing real.  Call fear’s bluff and make the most of each day!  Being grateful for all you have and all that is promised.  God/The Universe will always take care of you and provide more than you ever shall need. All you have to do is trust and take hold of the opportunities that present themselves if they are so aligned in your heart. Blessings!

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