Happy 2016!

2015 just came to a close and its time to reflect on what we achieved and learned during the year to create a great 2016. How many of you still think happiness is attainable when you have this or that? How many of you have realized that happiness is a choice? Happiness is now; no matter what circumstances are happening to us. Happiness is choosing our well-being and trusting that there is a blessing at all times. Those blessings could be powerful lessons of loving others and ourselves. Happiness comes from peace and gratitude in our lives along with being in alignment of what we value in our actions thoughts and words.

Where are you not in alignment with your heart and values? How can you courageously let go and allow yourself to be in alignment with your heart and values in 2016? I challenge you to make a list of where you want to be and how does that correspond to being in alignment with your heart and values? I challenge you to then make a list of what you know you need to do become in alignment with yourself and do it!! Then keep a journal of the miracles that happen when you do. As you watch this unfold, are you attaining the life you truly want?

Miracles happen when we are in alignment with ourselves. The law of attraction aligns up with every aspect of the Universe to create this beautiful life filled with opportunity. Many still hope to live a miraculous life. What they don’t realize is they have to choose it and choose it now then take action to make it happen. I wish you the happiest year yet! Choose your happiness!

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