Choose Love this Holiday Season

December 20, 2014
As this holiday season is close to wrapping up, I would like to reflect upon a quote from Betty Eadie.
“Go back and love, teach love, above all else you are to love one another. If you do that, everything else will be fine”.
This is the message she was told from Jesus during her near death experience. I have had my own near death experiences along with the lesson of facing a rare illness and possible death from that in my life. However, the message and feeling I received during these moments was to trust, have faith in God and love; that all will be ok. This is the truth that God has been trying to teach us in our ego driven society.
I even to this day get caught up in the ego of fear and frustration which is separation from love and trust. It has been over 8 years since my last near death experience and at times I forget who I am as a divine light and God’s message to me that he always provides for me in all ways. That everything always works out for me and love is the answer.
If I can just remember at those times of great fear or “dark night of the soul” the message I was given, I wouldn’t spiral down that fearful and dark staircase absent of light and love. However, even that staircase is a gift of love in that it pushes me to a new level of wisdom, strength and courage every time I actually pull myself out of the dark basement of my soul and into God’s light and love. When I fully surrender and make love my mission, miracles happen all the time.
When I think about the things that propel me into fear, it is silly I even let these things do so. Too much time is wasted fearing on what I don’t want to happen versus spending it relaxing in the things I love and the people I love.
A good friend gave me this quote the other day. I had such peace remembering that this is the same message I received during my journey to the light on the other side. I was forgetting this message recently.
We have a choice to be happy or a choice to live in anger and fear. We have a choice to love all and everyone and everything or not. It is very simple, yet we make it very complex.
With that, I am encouraging everyone to start now before the New Year to release to God your fears and anger, wake up to the miracles of love in surrender. Wake up every day and make your mission about love-everyone and everything- even our lessons, which is hard to do when we are fearful or frustrated. However, I promise, if you let love into your heart, divine wisdom will come through and enlighten you and soften your heart and ease and heal your struggles. Just step back a see how God manifests the miracles in your life.
Remember, we can only change ourselves and how we perceive, act and react in the world! Choose Love!

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