Celebrate Love

This month we celebrate love.  Valentine’s day is the day we show the one’s we love how much through gifts, activities or cards expressing that perfectly say how we love that person.

We are here to love, to love everyone and everything including ourselves.  Often, we find ourselves expressing “conditional” love more than “unconditional” love to ourselves and others.  We have learned to “motivate” ourselves and others through conditional love.  However, I challenge all of you to allow yourselves to unconditionally love yourself and others in your life.  No matter what you or they say and do, you will love regardless without inflicting pain and suffering or through manipulating.   What does this look like?

It is simple. Example: You want to have your child clean their room? Instead of the reward versus pain system of conditional love, how about giving them the choice? Give them a choice to follow their heart.  Ask them what is more important to follow; what is right in their heart or what feels wrong?  What in their heart feels right? Cleaning their room or not?  Make the choice to love them no matter what they choose and let go of the disappointment of them choosing a messy room.  You may be surprised they may choose messy at the moment but then clean the room when their heart says it is right without you asking.  You can use this for everything. How can I approach anything with unconditional love? It may be easier to identify your conditional love behavior first and then change it to the opposite unconditional love approach.

Remember, you are lovingly teaching a person to unconditionally love and choose the right choices for them by example. Love is what heals and transcends the ego. Love leads to peace which leads to a life blessed with miracles.

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