Are You One Of The Lucky Ones?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  St. Patrick’s day is often associated with luck.  What makes a person lucky?  We have all met someone where it seems they live a lucky and miraculous life, where everything seems to go their way.  Why and how does this happen?

It starts within oneself.  They have a trust and belief that things will always work out for them.  They have trust that they are safe.  Therefore the universe or God force responds to that.  It’s a perfect example of the law of attraction.  We all know people that it seems if anything could go wrong, it does. They are attracting that.  They constantly complain or think about the problems in their lives.  They are looking at life with mistrust and say I hope or we’ll see.  There is no trust that they are safe and provided for always. Therefore, the universe or God force responds with more problems.  We have control over our thoughts, beliefs, actions, words and emotions.  We have a choice to allow one thing in our day to ruin our whole day or not. We have a choice to choose love and happiness no matter what.  Happiness isn’t dependent on I will be happy when I have this, or do this, etc. It is here and now.  Choosing peace, love and happiness now is the first step.  The second, is let go and trust!  Two of my favorite affirmations to create luck in my life are I am safe and provided for and Everything always works out for me.  Try these affirmations daily 50 times a day or more for a month and see what happens in your life.  You might be amazed you will call yourself one of the lucky ones!

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