Developing Your Psychic Ability

Learn how to channel your Angels and Guides to find clarity on your path of Spiritual Awareness and Embracing your True Essence. Learn how to use common methods of Divination as well as Meditation to connect for guidance

Yoga of the Voice

Yoga of the voice is a form of meditation through sound.  Yoga of the Voice uses different sounds to clear and open the Chakras of the body.  These sounds can be expressed through Sacred Song such as Kirtan (Indian form of call and respond singing) and also the repeating of Mantras (Chants or affirmations) or just expressing the sound for each chakra.

Yoga of the voice is a very powerful tool for manifestation & spiritual awareness.  From my experience over the past 5 years practicing this art form, I have seen my and others desires manifest quickly with practice of this art form.  I have seen problems and issues resolved almost instantly.  Results will vary based on the person.  We will explain this more.

I am available for private classes in groups or one on one.  Please see my events page for the latest classes being offered and where.

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